A completely new online storage browser firedrive was born

What is fws storage?

With fws storage you can share data more easily, more quickly.

Access anytime and anywhere
You can access data simply by connecting to the Internet, such as tablet, smartphone, etc. regardless of terminal or location.
No account registration is required. Once you log in with your account you can start using storage immediately for free.
You can handle data like firedrive and third party tools like "cloudBerry", "expandrive" etc as well as local drive.

Storing photos, videos, texts, logs of web service
Since object storage is suitable for reading and writing with HTTP / HTTPS,
it is also ideal for storing the contents of web services.

File sharing between operation sites
Just share the access key and secret key, you can access from anywhere.
A sub-user function, which is not found in other company's object storage, can be used, and sub users linked to the master user can share the same bucket as the master user.
It is also possible to set ACL (access control list) for each sub user.

Automatic backup of files stored on file server
Since the upload transfer capacity is not subject to billing, it is also ideal for storing backup data.

Storage of data for big data analysis
It is also ideal as a storage place for data that keeps increasing every year.
Since it is easy to scale out storage capacity, it is now possible to store TB-class large capacity data simply by changing the plan according to the amount of data.

The procedure for starting fws storage is very simple
Please try it now.

Start with free

How to use fws storage

Operation is possible from smartphones and tablets,
and data sharing using third parties is also easy.

Use in browser

You don't need to install or initialize. You can use it immediately.

Let's try

Use with firedrive

When used together with firedrive, more comfortable data sharing and saving are possible.

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Use it at a third party

You can also use third party tools like Expandrive and coloudberry.

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Features of fws storage

Data storage and file sharing can be easily and securely started. Distributed cloud service provides high fault tolerance and flexible capacity expansion.

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Price plan

You can choose your favorite plan according to your usage capacity and usage.

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How to use

Member registration is unnecessary, and you can use it for free immediately after login.

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