How to use

If you are using a third party tool click here
>>Account confirmation method

Procedure for using fws storage

1.Go to login page
Header menu to login page

If you already register with firestorgae, you can login with your firestorage ID and password. You can also log in from external accounts on Google, Twitter, Facebook,Yahoo Japan.

3.Create a bucket
Please select "bucket operation" from the home menu and select an account
*A bucket is a basic storage area of data, and you create a folder or file in a bucket.

Select account

4.Create a new bucket with a name
When the page of the bucket list is displayed, please enter any name in the text box at the bottom of the page and click "Bucket Creation". A bucket is created

5.Upload data
Buckets have been created so you can upload and share data. First, please click the bucket name of the created bucket.

6.Click the upload icon
When you access the bucket please click the upload icon in the upper left.
Your PC data folder will open automatically.

7.Select upload file to open
Select the file / folder you want to upload and click "Open" to start the upload automatically

Third party response method

Please check your information on the account management page of fws storage before using.
1. Check the account
After logging in, open the "Operation"> "Account Management" page of the header

2. Click the access key link

3. Check account information

Confirm 1-3

How to use Expandrive(for macOS)

1. Procedure
Download from the Expandrive site
Download site is here

2. Procedure
Start installation

3. Procedure
Add account

4. Procedure
Choose Amazon s3

5. Procedure
Enter account information
Endpoint :「」
Access Key ID = fws_access_key_id
Secret Access Key = fws_secret_access_key

6. Procedure
Access complete

How to use Cloudberry(for windowsOS)

1. Procedure
Download from Cloudberrylab site
Download site is here

2. Procedure
Add storage account

Choose Amazon s3 Compatible

Insert account information and press connection test

Access complete